As a bidder, you want a fair marketplace where you can compete openly and fairly, and where you aren’t spending a fortune to bid for work that you might not win. smartBIDI uses purpose-built Artificial Intelligence engines to look at previous bids, the current procurement, and suggest what materials you can re-use from your previous work. ​

[graphic showing clever matching of current question to previous question]​

When you bid on DOS, there’s already lots of super useful information out there​


As a buyer, you’re going to see a lot of bids. If you’ve got an open approach to procurement, you’ll be hoping to receive competitive, acceptable bids from a variety of suppliers. ​

[graphic showing average of 16 bids, and some other analysis from DOS – maybe infogr.?]​

We can’t make the decision for you, but using our AI engine, we can tell you how well bidders have answered your questions. For those bidders who haven’t made the mark, we can also suggest actionable, comprehensible feedback which can be offered to them. ​