Caroline Bullock has been coming to us from the time when my husband left the hospital after a stroke. She helped us with the shock of his sudden immobility and then set clear and realistic goals to strengthen his muscles and encourage him to stand. Her skill and optimism have encouraged him to progress.
Maureen, wife of Tim

I feel like my body is really benefiting from the Neuro Pilates I do with Caroline. I think it’s great how she has put together a set of exercises that I can do even though I had a stroke and my left arm and hand are still disabled…
Thank you, Caroline, for helping me to keep my body going after a stroke.

This PD Neuro Fit class is very well structured, consisting of 10 different exercise options. Each one is powerful and rewarding. I come away from the sessions feeling energised and upbeat, I would highly recommend this class.

I am a 53 year old and was diagnosed in 2016. The PD class helps with movement, balance and strength. After the class I always feel stronger and my walking is more fluid.

Pilates Testimonials

I have learnt a huge amount from Caroline’s pilates classes.  I now feel much more in tune with my body and am stronger all round.  Caroline is always calm and is brilliant at explaining how to do a particular move.  I always feel better after a pilates class with Caroline.

Carolines’ enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates’ instruction is second to none. Through the work I do with her in mat-based classes, I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and have improved my core strength and posture significantly. Caroline is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and she makes everyone feel empowered regardless of their level of fitness or ability.